68th Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 31 May, the BSCC and H.E. Judith Gough, British Ambassador to Sweden welcomed BSCC members to the BSCC 68th Annual General Meeting at the Ambassador’s Residence. We would like to thank all of our members and patrons for attending the AGM and express our gratitude for the continuous interest and support from all of you.

The BSCC was delighted to have Johan Forssell, President and CEO of Investor AB, as our guest of honour and speaker. At the AGM, Johan talked about his Investor’s role as a long-term active owner in major companies and how they drive their sustainability agenda. We would also like to thank Johan for the insights and wise words shared at the AGM.

We would also like to extend heartfelt thanks to outgoing Chair of the BSCC Board, Tom Johnstone, for his passion and the important work he has done over the years. On this note, it is a great honour to welcome Magdalena Gerger as the new Chair of the Board.

Many thanks to Edrington for the lovely gifts for Tom Johnstone (see the last picture).

Lastly a sincere thank you to H.E. Judith Gough, and The British Residence Team for having us and hosting such a wonderful event

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