Being a Member of the BSCC is an effective way of establishing new business and social contacts and staying up-dated about Anglo-Swedish business. As well as access to our members, you will be invited to breakfast seminars, after-work seminars and other meetings with captains of industry, local politicians and those visiting from the UK. As a member you will be part of that community and also given the opportunity to hosting events. We will  send you our regular newsletter keeping you up-dated. As a member you will also get access to our membership benefits.

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Social networking events
Industry focus events
Financial Forecasts
Summits, Roundtables, and more
Patron’s forum, receptions, dinners and VIP events
Young Patrons’ Programme
Business services*
Conference and meeting spaces*
Customs and trade services*
The BSCC Newsletter
Establishment Guide
Trends With
Knowledge From the Network
Checklist for UK-SWE import/export
Introduction in BSCC Newsletter
Visibility on BSCC website
Member to member offers
Advisory Board
Featured logo on BSCC homepage

* Events, programmes and services are subject to availability. Please note that some events, programmes and services can come with additional participation or service fees, as well as they may involve third parties.

*Non-members can participate in certain events for a one-time fee of 499 SEK.