The BSCC has around 130 active members: mainly companies, but also some individuals. The majority of the members are based in Sweden, with most of the rest being UK based. Of these members, most are companies and organisations but there are also some individuals who are members and active in our network. The members represent a broad range of sectors. All members benefit from the reputation and influence of the Board and the Patrons. Diversity is important in the BSCC network and therefore annual membership fees are linked to company turnover in order to make joining equally attractive for smaller organisations or individuals. 

Turnover based membership fee 

The annual cost for an individual membership depends on the annual turnover of your company.

Membership Fee SEK Annual turnover

Membership Fee GBP Annual turnover

Excluding VAT 25% on Service Fee.
The Service Fee is Tax deductible. These rates apply from January 2015 until further notice.

Membership application

Membership application from Sweden

Membership application from the UK