Welcome to the British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce!

Business is done by people: with people. If you're working across country borders then your old network might not help you. You know how valuable your network is in your own country and how lost you'd be without it; the BSCC will provide an instant lift to your visibility and networking opportunities with the big names and thought leaders when working across the North Sea.

Business, diplomatic and political heavyweights attend our events- and newcomers, entrepreneurs and professional service companies meet and mix with them.

Join the BSCC and you're a part of that same team. Giving and getting. Learning and meeting. There is no better alternative to the BSCC if you want to reduce the time and effort that you need to work at networking.

Join us and be part of a group of influential people who all have at least one thing in common: they want to meet you and people like you to do international business.

Look at our members list and see which contacts you think can help you most. If they aren't the right people for you they will know who is; and as fellow members they'll be ready to help you. As a member you will have access to all the contact details for these valuable networkers.