Since 1954, the British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce has promoted trade between Sweden and the United Kingdom.

A membership gives you access to a wealth of information and unique opportunities to promote your business.



The British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, BSCC, is an independent, non-profit, membership organisation with around 150 members. Our mission is to strengthen economic, social and cultural links between the UK and Sweden by actively supporting the development of business through its network and through knowledge sharing.



We organise events throughout the year with the aim of offering a platform for networking, corporate promotions and sharing of knowledge. We aim to enable referrals and professional relationship building within the Anglo-Swedish business community. As a member of the BSCC you are invited to a variety of networking events, social events and executive forum events discussing challenging business topics.


Lunch Seminar with Karl-Fredrik Hall and ‘Maxdagen’

16 October

The British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite all members to a Lunch Seminar at Berns Salonger with Karl-Fredrik Hall, Financial Advisor, and, on behalf of our Patron Max Matthiessen, we are pleased to give a warm welcome to ‘Maxdagen’.

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Breakfast Seminar with Nick Mannion

21 October

The British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome all members to a Breakfast Seminar on 21 October at NatWest Markets, with Nicholas Mannion, Head of Scandinavian Macro & Research at NatWest Markets.

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Evening Seminar with Jost Kamenik

23 October 

The British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite all members to an Evening Seminar with Jost Kamenik, Operational Excellence Expert at PA Consulting, on the theme ‘Cost out – A proven way to optimise costs and reap-off benefits’.

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Stockholm Brexit Townhall Meeting on 7 October

A Briefing and ‘Q&A’ session for British nationals in Sweden was held on 7 October. Hosted by the British Embassy and with its counterparts in the Swedish Government.

> A video from the briefing will be available on the British Embassy Facebook Page



BSCC Focus: AI and Responsibility with Viveka Bonde

As advances in AI occur at a high speed, many questions arise – not only of technical character but also economic, legal, ethical and societal issues arise, to mention a few. Because of this, as AI develops perhaps the most important need of AI advances is the need to think responsibility.

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Implications of Brexit

Following the EU referendum on 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU. The impact of UK leaving the EU is likely to have large potential economic impacts, both in the short and long run. The EU is UK’s largest trading partner and the British service sector is the largest sector in the UK, dominating London’s economy. The Brexit effect on the euro area, the British economy and overall economic growth is still relatively unknown and will depend on the nature of the final agreement.

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