The award is presented at the BSCC Annual Christmas Reception and Award Ceremony hosted at the British Ambassador’s residence in Stockholm.

To nominate an Annual Award recipient please contact Rebecca Cramp at

The BSCC Annual Award - Celebrating Strong Links

The BSCC Annual Award is awarded someone that has done something exceptionally to further the special relationship that exists between Sweden and the UK. Every day we come across individuals who are dedicated to supporting this strong link. We are very keen to continue to highlight and celebrate the dedication to strengthen the links between our countries, innovation, entrepreneurship, digital transformation and sustainability.

The BSCC Annual Award has, during previous years been awarded someone from the area of sports, culture, charity and business. Previous winners include Colin Nutley, Peter Jöback, Tony Irving, Hedvig Lindahl, Sophie Dow, and Håkan Buskhe.

The most recent winners of the BSCC Annual Award include:

2023 Leif Johansson, Former chairman of the board of directors of AstraZeneca

2022 Ludvig Andersson, producer of ABBA Voyage.

2021 Dan Sten Olsson, CEO and majority owner of the Stena Sphere.

2020 Elsa Bernadotte, co-founder of Karma.

2019 Håkan Buskhe, former president and CEO Saab Group.

2018 Sophie Dow, founder of Salvesen Mindroom Centre.

2017 Hedvig Lindahl, Swedish professional footballer.

2016 Tony Irving, British-Swedish TV-personality, radiopresenter and entertainer.

2015 Peter Jöback, singer, actor and musical artist.

2014 Colin Nutley, English director successful in the Swedish film industry.