“Rising to the Challenge of 21st Century International Business”

The BSCC YPP provides a stimulating learning and networking forum for emergent managerial talent within Patron organisations. The programme consists of a series of related seminars designed to highlight the challenge of rising to complex challenges in 21st century business. With an emphasis on knowledge sharing, it is intended that the YPP will also provide the perfect opportunity to nurture the Patron member network of tomorrow.  

The YPP consists of 5 seminars: four hosted at member facilities in Stockholm; the fifth held with BSCC’s partner organisations in London. Commencing with individual responsibility and professional development, the programme quickly expands into the challenges presented by macro-environmental strategic developments such as digitalization and sustainability. And, then further, into the existential challenge facing strategic orthodoxy in present-day business.

All Patrons are now encouraged to nominate one candidate:

  • Who has worked 2-5 years
  • Is seen as a future leader
  • Will be a cultural bearer for your company – as well as for the programme

Nominate your candidate via email to:

Seminar 1. Individual Responsibility & Professional Development

Date: 15 February

With global competition for highly skilled talent, there exists greater executive mobility than ever before. But, while businesses are having to work harder to attract and retain the best and brightest, individual executives also have to rise to the challenge of increased workplace demands and professional competition. This session will focus on individual level responsibility and the need to compete.


Seminar 2. Digitalisation and Transformational Technology

Date: 22 April

Of all global megatrends of the past 25 years, none has been as profound or disruptive to business as the rise of information and communications technology. Both a driver, and beneficiary, of globalization, ICT and digitalization is radically influencing every aspect of 21st century business. Today, with advances in AI, machine learning, and quantum computing, we can expect the pace of disruption and transformation in many established markets to only accelerate. This session will focus on what we can do to come to terms with radical change and the potential for transformative business generation and renewal.


Seminar 3. Global Business & Sustainability

Date: 4 September

The World Economic Forum 2020 hosted several discussions on the necessity for companies to realise the merits of marrying sustainability with business profits. For the longest time, business leaders have been fixated on ways of maximising revenue for their stakeholders. However, in this strained state of things, GDP is no longer the only yardstick to measure economic performance. Business are working hard to position themself as being at the heart of the solution, rather than the problem, indeed, today, most multinational corporations integrate sustainability principles in their governance frameworks, and many invest significantly more than is required for the purposes of straightforward reputation management. The reason, aside from simply “doing good”, is simple: increasing numbers of businesses are discovering that sustainability can also be very good for business. This session will look at the case for sustainability and what more, if anything, business could – and should – be doing to improve economic, social, and environmental outcomes.


Seminar 4. Strategy in Complex Markets and Uncertain Times

Date: October

Bruce Henderson, the founder of Boston Consulting Group, once famously observed that “bigness is a big idea”. This simple idea, that scale was the secret to creating above average rates of return, has informed and guided generations of business leaders. However, as many multinational corporations have discovered, theory and practice do not always equal the same thing. As markets become more dynamic, and disruptive entrants destabilize once impregnable industries, many of the strategic orthodoxies that have guided managers in the past, are being called into question today. How can managers respond to the reality of global complexity and uncertainty and, simultaneously, deliver clarity and meaningful control. This session will look at some of the emergent ideas in this area.


Seminar 5. Swedish British Summit 2024 in London:

Sweden and Britain celebrate centuries of friendship and trade, and our business and political spheres are tightly interlinked as a result of it. At the Swedish-British Summit 2024 we look at our joint future ahead, the challenges, and how we can learn from each other.

At your service will be leading speakers from both Britain and Sweden, from both business and the political sphere. Join some of the greatest thinkers on both sides of the North Sea.

Hosted by: The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK 

The visit to London will be arranged around the conference during the beginning of December. There will be a visit to the Houses of Parliament and to the Lloyds’ London Building.

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