The Green Transition

On June 13, we hosted the second seminar in our series on global complexities, held in Gothenburg. The event featured insights from Alasdair Ross, Countries Editor at The Economist, Marlene Burwick, Acting CEO & Director of Public Affairs at St1 Sweden, and Hans Pehrson, Head of the Polestar 0 Project, who shared their perspectives on the green transition.

Key Takeaways:

Alasdair Ross opened the seminar by addressing the global shift towards renewable energy. Falling costs are making renewable sources increasingly accessible, positioning them as essential for the future energy landscape. He emphasised that while energy supply is expected to be sufficient, challenges such as grid intermittency and price volatility persist. He also underscored that international cooperation is critical for navigating this transition. Despite challenges, the promise of a sustainable economy with green jobs and reduced reliance on fossil fuels presents a unique opportunity.

The seminar also addressed the social and political aspects of the green transition. While there were differing opinions on the necessity of fossil fuels in the short term, there was consensus on the importance of promoting and investing in alternative fuels and technologies. Policies must support sustainable fuels and manage social acceptance. Stable legislation is crucial to secure investment and drive the green transition forward.

Collaboration, innovation, and urgent action were recurring themes. Collaboration and partnerships, especially between countries like the UK and Sweden, known for their innovation is seen as crucial for achieving a green future.

The vision for a green future includes clean factories without chimneys and a healthy climate for future generations.

The event concluded with a call to action, emphasising that every step towards sustainability is crucial. Change is possible, and immediate action is necessary.

We extend our gratitude to our speakers who contributed their insights and expertise. Your contributions were instrumental in shedding light on the critical issues surrounding the global shift towards renewable energy and the green transition.

Lastly, we express our gratitude to our organising partners – Business Region Göteborg, InPress, Invest In Skåne, Stockholm Business Region – and our generous host, Margareta Jensen Dickson with team at Stena AB.

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