Breakfast Financial Outlook: Time for Optimism at Last? | Intrum

On 21 May, The BSCC welcomed members to a Breakfast Financial Outlook, hosted by Intrum. Together with Andrés Rubio, President and CEO of Intrum, and Anna Zabrodzka-Averianov, Senior Economist at Intrum, we explored the current macroeconomic landscape of Europe and the key findings from Intrum’s newly released European Payment Report 2024.

Some key takeaways from the seminar:

Signs of a slow recovery
The European economy shows signs of a slow recovery due to faster-than-expected inflation deacceleration, the overall increase in GDP, signs of a resilient labour market, and increasing real wages in most European countries. Furthermore, central banks are signalling interest rate cuts, with Switzerland and Sweden already cutting their rates.

Need for cautious optimism
Even though there are positive signs, 2024 will most probably still be a financially unstable year due to an expected peak of insolvencies, signs of deteriorating bank assets, etc. Moreover, there are currently €10.5 trillion in debt in Europe.

Future growth, a boost is needed
For future economic growth, fiscal policies or technological advancements are needed to stimulate the economy and improve efficiency.


We would like to thank all members who attended the seminar for a pleasant morning and extend our gratitude to the team at Intrum for hosting us.


As we would greatly appreciate your feedback, we kindly ask you to take a few minutes of your time to answer an anonymous survey about the event so we can improve in the future.

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