Industry Focus with Volvo Group, Mr. Martin Lundstedt, CEO

We were delighted to have Martin Lundstedt, CEO at Volvo Group, as speaker at our last Industry focused event. The event was generously hosted by Mannheimer Swartling.

The theme for this industry focus was the green transition, and Martin Lundstedt generously shared his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for both Volvo Group and the transport sector at large. Martin touched upon a wide variety of issues ranging from the importance of science-based targets and what needs to be in place by 2030 and 2040, for Volvo Group to become fossil free by 2050. Martin also spoke about innovation within battery electrics and fuel cell technology, the close association between optimisation, logistics and emission reduction, as well as the importance of a full life cycle focus on products (ranging from input material, to production and eventually recycling).

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