“Blockchain – what it is and why it may change everything”

This Wednesday, 2 May, we had the great pleasure to invite Mr David Frydlinger, Partner and Head of ICT group at Advokatfirman Lindahl to talk about Blockchain technology.

They started to talk a lot about this topic 2 to 3 years ago. However, the impression was that Blockchain still remained quite abstract to most of us. This seminar was then the perfect opportunity to get a better idea of what it is and of the impacts it can have on many different aspects business.

In short, Blockchain is a shared ledger that is constantly kept up-to-date and keeps track of all transactions. The most important advantage of this new technology is that we do not, from now on, have to rely on trust in business; Blockchain is more secure and transparent. It has built more confidence for businesses and facilitated a lot of peer-to-peer trades.

Of course, certain questions remain: if it could abolish corruption or how it will also affect society and our own way of living. As it is dependent on synchronized laws, how will the cross-border trade develop, who will finance the constant development of the technology and the question of ownership were areas that might keep some of us awake at night – trying to understand, going forward. That is also a reason why it is important to keep ourselves informed about Blockchain technology and its place in our future environment.

Please find the presentation below:

Lindahl about blockchain (presentation at BSCC 2 May 2018)


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