YPP 2022 – Rising to the Challenge of 21st Century International Business

Apart from the programme that the Chamber offer its members, there is the exclusive Young Patrons Programme, YPP, that was founded in 2019 – just as the pandemic hit the world. Believing that it was more important than ever to bring people together and support the next generation, we pushed forward with the programme and YPP2022 will be its 4th programme. If you are a Patron member of the Chamber, it is now high time to nominate your candidate for the start of the YPP2022 on 23 February.

The aim of the Young Patron Programme is to attract younger people from the Patron member companies. The plan is to make introductions and foster networks cross industries and cross borders. The YPP should be part of the Patron companies already existing Development Program or similar for their up-and-coming employees. We ask all Patrons to nominate one person, that has 2-5 years of work experience, is a cultural bearer for both the company – and later for the programme, and who will be available to attend 4 sessions over the cause of the year.

The YPP provides a stimulating learning and networking forum for emergent managerial talent within Patron organisations. The programme consists of a series of related seminars designed to highlight the challenge of rising to complex challenges in 21st century business. With an emphasis on knowledge sharing, it is intended that the YPP will also provide the perfect opportunity to nurture the Patron member network of tomorrow.

Please nominate your candidate or send any questions to rebecca.cramp@bscc.info 

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