Who will be the winners: Fintechs or banks? We asked the customers!

Lan-Ling och Maria G Foto Jonas Bilberg

Despite being a nation of less than 10 million people, Sweden has a high profile when it comes to tech, with household names like Skype, King, Spotify and Mojang. When it comes to Fintech, Sweden also punches above its weight with success stories like Klarna, iZettle and Bambora. The traditional banks are struggling to find a new role while focusing on regulatory compliance and answering questions about the transition to new core banking systems. Fintech’s focus is on using data and new technologies to provide new digital services primarily to younger users. Banks are partnering and purchasing Fintechs in an effort to keep up.

At this webinar, Lan-Ling Fredell, fintech and Innovation expert at PA Consulting, will share insights from a three-pronged study conducted by PA Consulting that suggests that to be the future winner in the banking universe is not about catching up with fintechs – but rather about product and service innovation where it matters, in customers’ wallets.

Date: 1 October 2020
Time: 14.00 – 15.00 CEST
Venue: Digital Event