Trends with: Oskar Ahnfelt

Oskar is Vice president of Public & Regulatory Affairs at Vattenfall.

What trends do you see for the autumn within your line of business?

We have an ongoing energy crisis all over Europe, caused by the limited gas supplies from Russia to Europe. All countries are now trying to find ways to secure the energy supply for the coming winter

From your perspective, what are the greatest challenges right now?

We have seen a clear direction for many years to find clean, secure and affordable energy. The answer to this trilemma is to reduce the dependency of fossil fuels and increase production of fossil free sources such as wind power and nuclear power. The current situation in Russia will just speed up that development, even if it currently hurts European consumers and industries.

And, opportunities?

This is actually an enormous opportunity in the long run for Europe, and not at least for Sweden. We are at the forefront of developing fossil-free value chains in many different industries, such as steel, aviation and the heavy transport sector. This is a silent revolution that is going on parallel to the ongoing energy crisis.