Trends with: Magdalena Gerger

Magdalena was appointed Chair of the BSCC at the AGM on 31 May. Magdalena was formerly the President & CEO of Systembolaget AB where she worked from May 2009 until 1st February 2022.

Magdalena currently holds non-executive board positions with Investor AB and Peab and she is the Chair of Nefab and of the Royal Academy of Engineering – the Business Council. She is a member of VW global Sustainability Council.

What trends do you see for the autumn within your line of business?

I see three megatrends;

  1. Energy-fever fuelled by several things; the energy situation, the electrification/battery tech race and the “carbon zero” ambitions amongst businesses.
  2. Supply focus fuelled by scarcities, uncertainty and “dents” in old supply chains, increased costs of freight and sustainability ambitions.
  3. Purposeful branding and corporate culture fever – fuelled by the intensified race for talent and motivated personnel.

From your perspective, what are the greatest challenges right now?

The complex landscape in the outside world and the speed of change – during these times and technology shifts (like connectivity, automation, electrification, zero carbon) – is the greatest challenge of them all. How do we stay relevant and how do we future proof our business and our organisations in these challenging times? And above all – in these times – perhaps; how do we make sure our companies and great places to work now and in the long run? That how to attract talent and and to motivate people.

And, opportunities?

The world, societies and customers are looking for sustainable and attractive new offerings – of tomorrow. Innovation and focus on customer centric sustainable solutions and offerings is a huge opportunity.