Trends with: Jonas Gram

Jonas Gram was previously Brand Ambassador for The Macallan Denmark at Edrington and has now been Ambassador for the Nordics since 2021. Jonas is based in Copenhagen and frequently visits Stockholm, welcoming enthusiasts to experience The Macallan. This week we had the opportunity to learn more about what trends Jonas sees in his line of business.

What trends do you see within your line of business?

A growing trend within the luxury business is that of collaborations between like-minded brands that share common DNA and values. For instance, in 2021 The Macallan and Bentley Motors announced an exclusive partnership. A meeting of minds between two leading brands, each renowned for their mastery, craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation.

From your perspective, what are the greatest challenges right now?

The Macallan’s origins can be traced back to 1824. Respecting craftmanship and infusing it with innovation is an area we’re constantly focusing on as a brand to maintain our leading position and always be relevant to the evolving needs of our customers and consumers.

And, opportunities?

We’re in the privileged position to be facing increasing demand for our exclusive and limited editions. One such product is The Macallan Horizon, that will be available, as of this Summer, in Sweden. This is the next chapter of our Extraordinary Journey with Bentley. Its name is a tribute to the orientation of the bottle, while its design is inspired by the horizontal world of car design vs the vertical world of spirits. The Macallan Horizon fuses both traditional craftsmanship and innovative materials, with cutting edge technology to create an exclusive expression that defies the traditional vertical aesthetic of a whisky bottle.