Trends With: Jacob Lund

Investor AB, founded by the Wallenberg family in 1916, creates value for people and society by building strong and sustainable companies.

Jacob Lund is Chief Communications & Sustainability Officer at Investor AB. Jacob has extensive experienced within strategic communications and corporate affairs, with more than 25 years of experience from media, agency and in-house.

What trends do you see within your line of business?

Firstly, the development of AI is continuing to fascinate. The challenge is to go from the wow-moments and the one-offs into using it in a more structured way. The possibilities are endless, and key is to focus on the opportunities rather than the threats.

Secondly, having a background in journalism, I am also pleased to see that traditional media are defending their position well in today’s intricated society. The need for long reads, well edited news flow and different, well-grounded perspectives is stronger than ever as the world is becoming more unpredictable.

Finally, I see that companies really have understood the importance of integrating sustainability into the business strategy to create long-term value.

From your perspective, what are the greatest challenges right now?

Judging from preliminary data, 2023 was the warmest year ever recorded. We saw so many extreme weather events and of course this worries me and many others. That said, a lot of positive change is happening today, primarily driven by companies who understands that walking the talk is what it is all about. I am more worried about us as individuals and about the willingness of politicians to make unpopular decisions for the greater good.

And, opportunities?

Technology. I am a strong believer in technology and excited about the role that technological development can and will play when it comes to climate change. We will have so many, much more sustainable solutions in 25 years from now compared to what we know today. The challenge, however, is to not use this as an excuse for not acting now.