Schroders go “Beyond Profit”

BSCC member Schroders are committing to looking beyond profit in their investments. The firm believes that the way we direct capital can not only shape financial returns but also can change the world. Sustainable companies are now some of the most resilient and best placed for future growth – thus further justifying the mutual benefits for investing in sustainability. Schroders are measuring a company’s environmental and societal impact through their proprietary tool impactIQ and have taken an active ownership role in their investments in order to guide responsible practice.

The European Union and United Kingdom are both targeting net carbon neutrality by 2050. Green ambitions were recently emphasised in the UK’s 2021 Budget as plans for a green National Savings and Investment product for retail investors held a prominent feature. Schroders have also indicated that the Government is “quite clearly in favour” of greener economy transformation and thus should enable long-term opportunities in Europe’s second largest economy. You can find out more here, and watch the associated video on YouTube here.

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