SAAB contracted for British Royal Navy Digital Tower Solution

The development of digital air traffic control solutions is transforming the aviation sector and SAAB, the Swedish defence giant and Patron of the BSCC, has been at the forefront of this technology. Örnsköldsvik Airport was the first airport in the world to operate with a remote air traffic control system but this Swedish export has now been successfully implemented at Cranfield Airport, London City Airport and is now planned for the UK’s Royal Navy.

This latest victory for the company marks the fourth UK customer to choose SAAB’s Digital Towers as a part of their operations. Royal Navy Commander Mick Gladwin commented on this upgrade by saying “This is an important step in the Royal Navy’s continued development and exploitation of remote system technology to enhance the way air traffic services are delivered, improving controller efficiency and providing a safe operating environment for air systems”. The technology also features the ability to advance the situational awareness of the controllers through automatic tracking, graphic overlays, video and additional improvements.

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