As the United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union, it is essential to adapt to the new requirements created from the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement. Our British-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and ECUS, quick checklist should summarise the first steps to understanding the necessary checks and balances in post-Brexit trade.

Checklist for UK-SE Imports & Exports

Anglo-Swedish trade equates to almost $20bn per year with products such as vehicles, machinery and mineral fuels totalling some of the most valuable exports for the two nations between each other.


For companies looking to export, we would recommend:

  • Apply for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI) in the country of your company’s customs authorities’ website.
  • Establish whether you need a license to export your goods
  • Check the country of origin of goods (this can lower your customs duty charges)
  • Identify the commodity (HS classification) code of your goods
  • Complete a commercial invoice for each assignment (including sales price of goods)
  • Prepare relevant documentation (i.e. commercial invoices, certificates of origin, certificates, EAD or safety documentation)
  • Ensure you are a Registered Exporter (Rex)
  • Apply for a deferred payment
  • Declare your export to customs


For imports, we recommend preparing for the above steps 1-6 but also:

  • Declare your import to customs
  • Research whether import duty/VAT needs to be applied (this information can be found in your country’s customs website)

Since the 1st of July, 2021, full border and customs formalities are now required; safety and security declarations are also a necessity in order to comply with the latest legislation. Furthermore, any cargo moved under the Common Transit Convention (CTC) must complete Office of Transport formalities. The BSCC is here to help support and advise our members on how to best approach these changes through the wide-reaching network available to us.

A comprehensive guide to UK regulations can be found here for more information. This checklist has been compiled in cooperation with customs management experts ECUS.


Chamber member ECUS are experts in customs management. Contact Peter Jacobsson ( at ECUS for assistance with Customs Services, Customs consulting services, Corporate training, and support in customs related matters.