BSCC New Members: Vanitas and Fair Investments

The British Swedish Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce two new members: Vanitas, a specialist creative media consultancy, and Fair Investments Sweden a fair and client focused asset management company.

Vanitas is a specialist creative media consultancy. They partner with international businesses and organisations across multiple industries to create, produce and enhance corporate communication strategy and media production demands. Throughout the years, they have collaborated with various leading global brands and organizations on different projects, such as the IKEA 75 years IKEA , Billie Eilish for Spotify and Democratic Design Day for SVT.

Fair Investments Sweden established in Stockholm in 2012 with the aim to offer clients a fair asset management company. They are a client focused asset management company that shares profit with the clients. They have a performance-based business model and receive compensation in relation to the value they create. More specifically, this means that payment for the services only takes place when they deliver added value.

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