New Members: Baker & Associates, Futur Pension, Novare Human Capital and Scandicorp

We are delighted to present our newest members Baker & Associates, Futur Pension, Novare Human Capital, and Scandicorp.

Baker & Associates offer corporate advice and services related to governance and diversity. They have in-depth experience of sustainability, regulatory compliance, marketing, communications, talent management, sales and manufacturing.

Futur Pension is a digitalised Swedish insurance company. They offer private individuals and corporations comprehensive solutions within occupational pensions, endowment insurance, private pensions, and life insurance.

Novare is a company group with different companies providing specialist competence within Human Capital. Together, they are experts in everything related to coworkers and competence – from recruitments on all levels to skills development, compensation issues, and resource reinforcements.

Scandicorp is a Nordic specialist corporate services provider offering corporate solutions and company management services. They assist international and domestic clients to expand, structure and administer corporate entities across Scandinavia and throughout Europe.

We are delighted to welcome our newest members to the Chamber. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and introductions.

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