New Members: Global Child Forum, Graz Solutions, and LucyJRobertshaw

We are delighted to introduce our newest members Global Child Forum, Graz Solutions and LucyJRobertshaw.

Graz Solutions specializes in fintech solutions for handling and optimizing financial data processes. Over the past 15 years, Graz has become the go-to place for fintech solutions in the Nordics, serving banks, insurance- and fund management companies. Graz’s team of developers and project managers provide clients with custom solutions. Among their many innovative solutions, they have developed a data warehouse, seamlessly controlling, and analyzing large amounts of financial data and investment portfolios. In an increasingly data-driven business sector, being able to harness and integrate high-quality data is essential to achieve business goals.

Global Child Forum is a Swedish non-profit foundation with a long-standing commitment to children’s issues.  Their mission is to contribute to a sustainable world where children’s rights are at the very core of the operations of society’s stakeholders. By bringing together global leaders of business, government, civil society, and academia, they aim to encourage these actors to take active measures in their undertakings and communities that best advance children’s rights. Their cause was both initiated and is continuously supported by the Swedish Royal Family.

LucyJRobertshaw since LJR started in 2012, they have provided business development services to a wide range of clients. Based within the Stockholm area, LJR use their extensive expertise and strong network across the UK, Europe and Australia to provide specialist consultancy services to businesses within the Life Sciences, Medical Devices and Healthcare sectors.

We are delighted to welcome our newest members to the Chamber. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and introductions.

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