New Member: CropRising

We are proud to introduce our newest member company, CropRising. CropRising’s mission is to make the current food supply chain more resilient and sustainable by using technology to reduce food waste and optimize crop yield. CropRising is a newly founded startup with a lot of passion and the attitude to fix long-term problems for society, learn from experienced players in the market, and have a valuable journey as a Team. They contribute with drive and critical thinking to challenge and improve existing conditions for the food system.

They believe that by applying artificial intelligence, both the use of pesticides and food waste will significantly decrease, resulting in a positive impact for the environment and the entire food supply chain. CropRising tech strive to have a long-lasting impact on the entire food supply by providing indoor farms with the precise data to sustainably adapt to the needs of an increasing population in urban areas.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about CropRising.

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