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The BSCC network encapsulates knowledge and expertise from a vast array of sectors. We are therefore always eager to present the latest news from our members. This week we share updates from Vinge, Novare Human Capital, and SAAB.


Female-run businesses in low – and middle-income countries tend to have bleak prospects in acquiring loan financing. In the fight against poverty, available flows of investment are of utmost importance. Therefore, Vinge has recently contributed pro bono in a deal of 100 million USD for the Impact Investment Exchange (IIX). This is the seventh and biggest emission provided by the IIX in the Women`s Livelihood Bond series with a focus on providing microloans to female-run businesses in developing countries. Approximately 500 000 women primarily in Southeast Asia and Africa will now be able to loan finance to grow their businesses.

Novare Human Capital

The investment firm FAM, a part of Wallenberg Investments AB, recently doubled its position in Novare Human Captial. Now owning 20% of the company. The VD of FAM, Håkan Buskhe, states that “the Novare group has under the recent 20 years become a leading company in questions regarding human capital”. Continuing to state that “questions concerning human capital will stay relevant as they are crucial for companies to remain competitive”.


The Swedish Defense Material Administration`s order for the Mobile Short Range Air Defense system (MSHORAD), worth approximately 300 million SEK, was awarded to SAAB. The MSHORAD system is designed to neutralize airborne threats. The contract is valid from 2024 to 2026.

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