Member Updates

Within the BSCC network there exists extensive knowledge and expertise. We are always eager to share relevant knowledge, news and useful information. This week we are happy to share updates from Springy, Bonde Advokater and Mannheimer Swartling.


Springy has recently been chosen by Svenska Dagbladet and Carnegie as one of the ten finalists in this year’s Future Entrepreneur 2023 competition. This is a noteworthy achievement that recognizes their innovative approach to empower small businesses to optimise costs by effortlessly booking on-demand workspaces and transforming how professionals find their ideal workspaces.

Bonde Advokater

Congratulations to Bonde Advokater for their announcement of a new collaboration with Leya, an AI powered legal assistant. The integration of generative AI, aims to enhance efficiency in legal workflows. This collaboration is set to improve Bonde Advokater’s ability to deliver high-quality legal services to their clients. The adaptaion of innovative tools such as Leya, showcases the firms specialist expertise, focusing on the new digital society.

Mannheimer Swartling

The firm’s Innovation Lab is a business unit established to drive innovation and accelerate digital development by identifying and working with new technology. in particular generative AI and the improvement of workflows. To support entrepreneurs and innovators, MSA Innovation Lab further houses a legal tech incubator within which knowledge and experience is shared with other businesses. 

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