Webinar and Q&A on how to lead a remote team


Date: 23 April 2020
Time: 11.00 – 12.00
Venue: Zoom Event

Hosted by:

COVID-19 has led to significant change in most people’s personal and working life. Due to social distancing and office closures encouraged by both the UK and the Swedish government, teams who are used to working together in offices have now been left with no choice but to work remotely.

Many are new to the situation, both managers and employees. Previous ways of working are being disrupted by the lack of natural interaction, putting pressure on finding new ways of communicating, monitoring and motivating employees, and measuring performance.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic and working from home can take its toll on employees both mentally and physically. Remote or not – as an employer, in the UK or in Sweden, you have legal obligations you must adhere to, regardless of where your employee is working from. As part of this webinar we will discuss these employer responsibilities, and how you can adhere to them even during a time of crisis.

Undoubtedly, managers and their teams are facing a number of challenges in connection to working remotely. Please join us for this interactive webinar and Q&A, where Goodwille HR manager Jacqui Brown and HR advisor Anna Kuklinska, will share advice on how to successfully lead a remote team during the COVID-19 crisis.

Jacqui Brown is the HR Manager at Goodwille, and Anna Kuklinska a HR Advisor. They are currently supporting a number of Swedish businesses operating in the UK across all sectors with most HR matters related to COVID-19.

Since 1997, Goodwille has been helping Swedish businesses enter, grow and scale in the UK through its supporting services. Today, Goodwille has a client base of around 450 companies from all over the world.

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