Volvo Cars, SSAB and Vattenfall on The Importance of Collaboration

On Thursday 10 March, the British Swedish Chamber of Commerce welcomed the chamber members to a panel discussion about why and how companies (and governments) must work together to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The discussion was moderated by Malin Lindfors Speace (CEO at Ethos International) and led by a panel of Stuart Templar (Director of Sustainability at Volvo Cars), Thomas Hörnfeldt (Vice President Sustainability & Public Affairs at SSAB) and Mikael Nordlander (Director Industry Decarbonisation at Vattenfall).

All three companies have a clear focus and understanding that they need to reduce their environmental impact due to their historically emission-heavy extraction, production and usage of finite resources and raw materials. They also recognise their codependency in the value chain in terms of the production, transportation, energy, and infrastructure.

The discussion delved into the topic of corporate sustainability from different angles including collaboration opportunities, costs, competitive advantages, investor relations, and innovative start-ups. The panelists also explained their current and future action plans such as better work initiatives, block chain technology and recycling program.

The BSCC would like to extend many thanks to all of you who attended the panel discussion. We would also like to extend a very special thank you to our Patron member Volvo Cars and their exceptional staff for hosting us at their studio in Stockholm.

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