HM The King’s Medal: Sophie Dow, Magdalena Gerger, and Fredrik Hillelson

We are thrilled to extend our congratulations to Sophie Dow, Magdalena Gerger, and Fredrik Hillelson for the prestigious honour of being awarded HM the King Carl XVI Gustaf’s medals.

Sophie Dow has been awarded HM The King Carl XVI Gustaf’s medal of the 8th size, adorned with a bright blue ribbon, in recognition of her special deed for general public benefits.

Sophie received the BSCC Annual Award for exceptional deeds for UK-Sweden relations in 2018. She has dedicated most of her professional career to helping children with learning difficulties and their families. In 2001, she founded Mindroom, a Scottish charity dedicated to creating and raising awareness about all kinds of learning difficulties and to providing practical advice, essential information and tailored support to everyone who needs it.

In 2015, Sophie co-founded The Salvesen Mindroom Research Centre at Edinburgh University, a complimentary unique partner to Mindroom who combines research, assessment, recognition and education to support children, young people and families living with learning difficulties.

Magdalena Gerger was awarded HM The King Carl XVI Gustaf’s medal of the 12th size, adorned with a bright blue ribbon. This recognition is a testament to Magdalena’s invaluable contributions to the Swedish industry.

Magdalena assumed the role of Chair of the BSCC Executive Board on May 31, 2022, bringing with her a wealth of experience. Prior to this position, she served as the President & CEO of Systembolaget AB, where she dedicated her expertise from May 2009 until February 1, 2022.

Currently, Magdalena holds influential non-executive board positions with Investor AB and Peab. She serves as the Chair of Nefab and the Royal Academy of Engineering – the Business Council. Additionally, she is a esteemed member of the VW Global Sustainability Council.

Magdalena’s commitment to the BSCC and her role in enhancing business ties between Sweden and the UK are commendable. Her remarkable achievements underscore her dedication to fostering growth and collaboration within business.

Fredrik Hillelson was awarded HM The King Carl XVI Gustaf’s medal of the 8th size, adorned with the Order of the Seraphim’s ribbon, in recognition of his exceptional deed of general public benefit.

Fredrik is the CEO and Founder of Novare Human Capital and, since 2023, also a Member of the Board at AltoPartners Executive Search. Novare has been a member of the Chamber since 2022. 

In the spring of 2020, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Fredrik Co-Founded Beredskapslyftet, an organisation which, in the beginning, trained cabin crew from Scandinavian Airlines who were laid off due to the pandemic with the goal of quickly being able to relieve healthcare during the pandemic. Today, Skill Shift Initiative is a non-profit organisation that functions as a platform for mobilising resources from the corporate world in order to support society during crises and major events.

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