Gothenburg Chapter | Cecilia Malmström | Dan Sten Olsson | Johan Trouvé

On Tuesday, 24 October the Chamber, together with BSCC Patron Member, Stena AB welcomed members and partners to the BSCC Gothenburg Chapter with speakers and guest of honour Cecilia Malmström, Former Minister for European Union Affairs of Sweden, and Johan Trouvé, CEO, the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce. Dan Sten Olsson, CEO, Stena AB welcomed guests and gave introductory remarks underscoring the importance of the promotion of trade and cooperation.

Cecilia Malmström addressed the development of international trade, highlighting the tensions, challenges, and possibilities. Cecilia stressed the importance of strengthening global rules and multilateral systems to tackle current challenges.

Following on from this, Johan Trouvé shared an update from the West Sweden region, emphasizing the strong economic growth of the region. We would like to extend many thanks to Cecilia and Johan for sharing great insight on the challenges and possibilities of international trade.

We would also like to thank our generous host Dan Stan Olsson and Stena AB for having us. We hope to be back in Gothenburg soon again.

As always many thanks to all attendees, we hope to see you soon again at our upcoming events.

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