Eversheds Sutherland Sweden | Employment Law Training

We were happy to provide an employment law training hosted by Eversheds Sutherland. The training was led by Torbjörn Lindmark, Partner and Head of the Employment Law Practice Group, and Rebecca Farkhooy, Senior Associate. The event was hosted in cooperation with the British Embassy Stockholm and Invest Stockholm.

During the training session, Torbjörn and Rebecca went over multiple interesting and equally important topics regarding employment law. Here is a summary of these topics.

Pandemic, inflation and geopolitical instability all contribute to uncertainty and redundancies and terminations are expected to increase after the summer.

Make sure you have internal policies for hybrid and remote working because this trend will continue. In particular, make sure you have the means to manage and observe an employee working from home so that the company can fulfil the legal requirements to fire underperforming employees.

Increased transparency requirements from employers. The implementation of the EU Pay Transparency Directive requires a hiring business to inform about the salary levels in the recruitment process; which is not yet implemented in Sweden.

Just like hybrid and remote working is becoming a new standard in many sectors, we see an increasing number of consultants post-pandemic. If you are hiring or are considering to hire consultants, be vary of the misclassification risk. A contractor could be considered an employee for example if: they have an indefinite duration of contract; fixed salary; not allowed to do work for competing businesses; use the companies equipment and premises etc.

ESG – environment, social and governance, has increased in many businesses. Making it a part of your business strategy can yield a lot of good results and is to some job-seekers a requirement today.

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