Centigo looks to Post-Brexit inefficiencies of Supply Chains

Ragnar Agnell at Centigo, a BSCC Patron Member, has written a recent commentary on the challenges of post-Brexit supply chains. His piece discusses some of the immediate costs which may come as a result of the UK leaving the EU due brokerage fees, increases in transport rates and/or higher raw material prices. All of these processes are non-value-adding activities which have reduced the focus upon supply chain optimisations. The rise in ‘outsourcing clearance activities’ has led to this option being a buyer’s market and has thus pushed some businesses to alternatively opt for more automation.

Agnell continues to discuss, the potential risk of mid-sized companies exclusively focusing upon their domestic markets instead of also benefiting the opportunities of tariff-free UK-EU trade. Centigo, a business of 300 consultants, hold expertise in customs and border clearance which could prove beneficial for businesses looking for plans, leads and development for trading with the UK. You can read the full blog here or watch Centigo’s last webinar with the BSCC here.

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