BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with Pia Djupmark, Grand Hotel

BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with…

Pia Djupmark

Our next Patrons’ Breakfast guest was Board Member Pia Djupmark. Pia is CEO at Grand Hotel. She has lead the hotel fort the last three years with the clear strategy to drive the business forward, streamline and develop the brand. Pia has continued to build on the exclusive brand that the Grand Hotel is and she is attracting also a new and wider customer base.

Pia describes the Grand Hotel as a “living luxury hotel with old traditions – meaning contemporary luxury”.  Grand Hotel is a five-star hotel and a member of “the Leading hotels of the world”. There are 280 rooms and larger suits across the 48.000 m2. The hotel has also recently acquired Hotel Lydmar as a supplement to Grand.

The United Kingdom and the US are both very important markets for Grand Hotel. A large proportion of company agreements comes from those two markets and especially from the bank- and finance industries. Pia is very positive towards the current business climate and has so far not noticed any worry or holding-back from clients when it comes to signing 1-2 year corporate deals with the hotel. Pia is underlining that the Stockholm hotel market in general is doing exceptionally well – Stockholm has become more than just a city to hold large medicine congresses.

Pia was very complimentary about new offices; “It is really modern, easy accessible and you seem really happy here. Fantastic breakfast. This is perfect for you.”

Grand Hôtel

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