BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with Philip Sheppard, Handelsbanken

BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with…

Philip Sheppard


It is always interesting to talk to our members. If I could give just one member an award from the BSCC for attending our events the most, contributing to the network by introducing new members, and being generous with time spent on the Chamber and its Board, Philip Sheppard would certainly be that person for 2017!


Philip has worked for Handelsbanken for 29 years – most of that time in the UK. Philip held the position of Head of Private Banking – among other positions – in Handelsbanken’s London office. Now he is working in Central Stockholm, focusing on large international corporates investing in Sweden and building both industrial, property and private equity related relationships.

Handelsbanken has 207 branches in the UK, which makes the UK the second largest market for the Swedish-originating bank. The bank has got a lot of recognition in the UK and has won a lot of awards – becoming part of the fabric of British banking and business. The former head of the UK bank, Anders Bouvin, has recently become the President and Group CEO of Handelsbanken.

The essence of Handelsbanken is to build long term relationships with good customers and take the long-term view of that business. Despite Brexit, it is business as usual. “As with all changes in regulations, policy or market conditions, we will simply adapt to the post-Brexit environment as necessary, in a manner that allows us to continue supporting more and more local businesses and individuals, in communities across the UK.” They are of course following the debate to see where the negotiations are going and expect politicians to reach a satisfactory agreement for corporations like Handelsbanken.

“One of the many benefits of our consistent financial strengths is our capacity to adapt to market changes like these calmly over time, without disrupting our focus on strong and lasting local customer relationships.”

Being one of the best “networkers” I know, Philip is very positive about our new offices and thinks that we now are in the right place for developing the Chamber further. He says that United Spaces is very modern, vibrant and inclusive – perfect for us.


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