BSCC Monthly Breakfast Discussion – “Brexitpodden” – Event summary

On Tuesday morning, 22 January, we were very grateful and pleased to arrange a breakfast discussion with Rickard Ydrenäs, founder of Ydrenäs Communications’Brexitpodden’ and ‘Tullpodden’. The breakfast was generously hosted by Erik Penser Bank.

Rickard Ydrenäs shed some light on the ongoing events of Brexit, the uncertainty and his analysis. During the presentation Rickard Ydrenäs pointed out some of the contributing factors as to why the Brexit situation is what it is today, such as the fact that there were too many unrealistic expectations regarding the outcome and that the UK tried to cherry pick. A discussion followed the presentation and topics ranged from whether a Soft Brexit is unrealistic or not, to how the consequences will affect the private banks, customs industries and the insurance companies, represented at the event. We will continue to update our members with relevant information about Brexit.

This is part of the BSCC’s series “monthly breakfasts”. The focus of the meetings is getting to know the members and sharing important information within the network.



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