BSCC Annual Award 2021

Dan Sten Olsson is CEO and majority owner of Stena Sphere, a privately held Swedish conglomerate. Stena was founded in 1939 as a trading company by Dan’s father, Sten, Dan took over in 1983 and now owns 51%. He graduated from the University of Gothenburg and spent a year at Clarkson Ltd in London before he embarked a long career in the family business, Stena in 1972. Dan Sten Olsson has stayed with the company ever since and made considerable efforts to continuously expand and develop.

Today Stena connects several countries with their services. Stena, led by Dan Sten Olsson, has fostered and promoted the strong and special relationship that exists between Sweden and the UK. Stena is also a leader of sustainable shipping, and it is an honour to extend the Annual BSCC Award 2021 to Dan Sten Olsson. We are excited to follow the Stena Legacy as they take us into the future.

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