Michaël Berglund Awarded with IIC Partners Lifetime Achievement Award

Michaël began his career as a doctor where he observed the consequences of poor leadership. Similarly, in the world of business the actions of leaders have large ripple effects. This has motivated Michaël to devote his work towards cultivating positive, powerful and sustainable leadership.

Michaël Berglund, the founder of Michaël Berglund Group, a firm specialising in executive recruitment and leadership development, was recently awarded with the IIC Partner Lifetime Achievment award. The IIC partners is a global organisation specialising in executive search, with a presence in 33 countries, and the award was given to Michaël for his dedication to the field of executive search, and his dedication to putting the right leader in the right place.

Michaël Berglund entered the field of executive recruitment in 1985, originally coming from a background of medicine. Today Michaël Berglund Group is a large firm, with a candidate bank of more than 55 000 professionals, and since 1985, the firm has helped to fill 2500+ leadership position.