BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with Marianne Dott, Stockholm’s Chamber of Commerce

BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with…   This Tuesday Breakfast guest was Marianne Dott, Senior Director International Trade and Affairs at Stockholm’s Chamber of Commerce. Marianne focuses on international trade; organises events and receives international delegations visiting Stockholm. “We are happy to do events together with foreign chambers of commerce in Sweden in order to broaden our… Read more »

BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with Pia Djupmark, Grand Hotel

BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with… Our next Patrons’ Breakfast guest was Board Member Pia Djupmark. Pia is CEO at Grand Hotel. She has lead the hotel fort the last three years with the clear strategy to drive the business forward, streamline and develop the brand. Pia has continued to build on the exclusive brand that the… Read more »

BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with Claes Berglund, Stena AB

BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with… This week’s breakfast guest was Board member and Patron Claes Berglund. Claes Berglund is Director Public Affairs & Sustainability at Stena AB and based in Gothenburg. Stena AB has activities within Ferries, Tankers, Ports, Offshore drilling, Ship Management, Real estate and Other investments. The group has a 4 billion€ turnover and… Read more »

BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with Philip Sheppard, Handelsbanken

BSCC Tuesday Breakfast with…   It is always interesting to talk to our members. If I could give just one member an award from the BSCC for attending our events the most, contributing to the network by introducing new members, and being generous with time spent on the Chamber and its Board, Philip Sheppard would… Read more »