Brexit Update from the British Embassy in Stockholm

https://www.facebook.com/Britishembassystockholm/videos/355498348716336/ Brexit Update 2019 from Peter Ruskin, Acting Ambassador at the British Embassy in Stockholm " The new British government, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is committed to the UK leaving the EU on 31st October, ...

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Boris Johnson becomes the UK’s new Prime Minister and promises to deliver Brexit by the 31 October

  The fear of a no-deal Brexit has risen since Boris Johnson has entered 10 Downing Street. His conservative party holds only a slim working majority in Parliament. But he has nonetheless promised to carry out ...

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Gov.uk: “Exporting to Sweden after EU Exit if there’s no deal”

Gov.uk: "Exporting to Sweden after EU Exit if there's no deal"  

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Gov.uk: “Importing, exporting and transporting products or goods after Brexit”


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Gov.uk: “UK nationals living in the EU: essential information”


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