About us

As well as access to our members, you will be invited to breakfast, after-work and other meetings with captains of industry, local politicians and those visiting from the UK, and other fascinating speakers. As a member you'll be part of that community.

We'll invite you to those events and send you our regular newsletter. You'll get member-only offers from a range of companies and informal invitations and suggestions from those that you meet. 

The BSCC is a not-for-profit, networking and membership organisation of around 130 member companies all of whom are engaged in trade between Sweden and the UK. The objective of the Chamber is to promote trade between the two countries by enabling personal introductions and relationships. Where necessary it will act to lobby to protect commercial and industrial relations between the two countries. 

BSCC works closely with the Swedish and the British Embassies, the British Council, the Confederation of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE), and other chamber of commerce both in Sweden and internationally. The BSCC has been successfully active for over sixty years. 

We create and nurture an environment where influential contacts can be established and strengthened. We organise some 20 events throughout the year with sponsors and keynote speakers on relevant topics. The BSCC is most active in Stockholm, but we organise events in Gothenburg and Malmö.